Adele Prince
Revellers arrive via a Desk Chair Parade

Ellie Harrison
Winner of the Desk Chair Dash

Castlefield Gallery
The disco lies waiting...

Desk Chair Parade
DJ warms up

Desk Chair Parade
Ellie samples the vegan hotdogs

Desk Chair Parade
The desk chairs hit the floor!

Desk Chair Parade
Watch out for the roller girls!

Let's go wheely crazy!

Desk Chair Parade
Whoop whoop!

Adele orange squash
Oi! Off those skates young man!

Give priority to passing chairs...


Team Wunderbar

Ellie the 'bedraggled fun run' Elephant

Less Work, More Fun
Team Wunderbar

You spin me right round baby...

Right round...

Like a record baby...

Right Round!


Desk chair devastation

Disco aftermath

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Photos by Ellie Harrison and Beckie Darlington