The boxing ring lies ready in waiting

Ellie Harrison and Adele Prince rehearse their 'boxing ref' routines

The championships draw with the famous 'silver glove' trophy

No more time to practice...

The eager NAN-NANA delegates descend

The brave competitors line up

First some health and safety regulations...

Then they're off!

Round One - Paul Luckraft (RSP1) pummels his unfortunate opponent

Wild Willy (Dan Williamson, Reactor) is ready for the challenge...

But the publics' favourite Mirjam Van Tilburg (Pollen) wipes the floor with him

Not so lucky Laurence (Payot, RSP1) gets a beating from Tom Godfrey (Stand Assembly)

More action-packed rounds to get through...

Tristan Hessing (Stand Assembly) tucks his trousers in and makes it through to the quarter finals

Nicova (Maze) breaks a nail but still makes it through

Move to the blue side to vote for Paul!

Tense moments in the quarter finals...

Even tenser in the semi finals

Brave Yuen (Fong Ling, Mole) finally bows out in the semis...

And Tom Godfrey is through to the final

Adele builds up the big moment...

Who will win that converted trophy?

Why it's Paul Luckraft from RSP1!

A true champion

But there's still time for one more fight...

It's definitely a draw - we didn't realise it was such hard work!

Photos by Jon Burgerman, Edward Hill and Adele Prince