Sports Day

Since 2006, artists Ellie Harrison and Adele Prince have been collaborating together as Sports Day.
Over the last few years they have created a number of one-off events bringing together the worlds of art, everyday life and physical exercise in fun and unexpected ways. These have included the Bouncy Boxing Championships which, as part of a NAN networking event, pitted artists against one-another in a bouncy castle-style boxing ring, and the Olympic Ring Doughnut Eating Contest which challenged five gutsy competitors to eat five doughnuts assembled in the Olympic ring formation in the quickest possible time. The Desk Chair Disco and Desk Chair Parade are their most ambitious projects to date - featuring large numbers participants invited to reclaim their ordinary office furniture and take it out on the town.

History of Sports Day

Ellie Harrison and Adele Prince met through the group exhibition Day-to-Day Data, which was curated by Ellie and featured work by both artists. They discovered that they had many shared interests, including a passion for their weekly exercise routines and for transforming aspects of their everyday experiences into their work. October 2005 saw their first collaborative project in the form of The Quotidian Factor: a gameshow style artists’ workshop for ARC at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth. They founded Sports Day shortly afterwards.

Sporting Challenges

As part of the official Sports Day launch year celebrations in 2006, both Adele and Ellie decided to undertake large sporting challenges. After a seven week training programme, Ellie successfully completed her five kilometre Swimathon challenge on 26 March 2006 and Adele triumphantly completed the Edinburgh Marathon on 11 June 2006. In 2007 and 2008, Ellie again trained for and completed Swimathon challenges bettering her time year on year. On 26 April 2009 Adele successfully ran her second marathon in London.

Ellie Harrison

Adele Prince

Sports Day has received a NAN Bursary